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Magic Circle Trampoline 16' Octagon Deluxe Magic Cage

Magic Circle Trampoline 16' Octagon Deluxe Magic Cage

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SKU: magic-circle trampoline 16' octagon deluxe magic cage
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Our 16' Magic Cage was known in the industry as one of the very best, one of the safest and one of the strongest. NOW it is a little bit stronger and a little bit tougher as well as easier to ship and handle!  If you have a large backyard and more than one child then our Magic Circle Trampoline 16' Octagon Magic Cage is for you. Measuring outside of frame 16' from corner to corner diagonally across, outside of frame 15' flat side to flat side straight across giving you a jumping surface of 13' across all directions. Shaped like a stop sign it's one of the largest trampolines with the best bounce on the market. Unlike round trampolines that throw everyone into the center when bouncing, because of the octagon shape this one doesn't. The 16' has an extra foot of length and 6 extra feet of width than the 9' X 14' rectagon, making it great for those of you who have a little gymnast in the family and have large enough backyard. Our 16' Magic Cage is perfect for the whole family to enjoy. The Magic Circle Trampoline 16' Octagon Deluxe Magic Cage comes with a 16' Mat/Cage, 8 Colored Safety Pads, 8 Top Rails, 4 Large Magic Cage Legs, 4 Small Legs, 8 Foam Poles, 8 Steel Poles, 120 Springs and an instruction book. Bundle with accessories and save. This product has a 450 lb. weight limit.